The Vibha Striders program takes a progressive, step-by-step approach to get you to the finish line, injury free and in a close-knit family environment. In a nutshell, here is how it works:

  1. Attend an Info session to listen to our coaches, mentors and alumni talk about the program and how it works, and ask any questions you may have
  2. Sign up to the program
  3. Program Kick off – various sessions incl. Coaches corners, nutrition/ hydration workshops, fund raising sessions, running gear sessions and an Ice breaker party
  4. Weekdays:
    1.  Runs/Walks, thrice a week with your local mentor group – typically Tues, Thur and Fri. 
    2. Strength Training, two (non-run/walk) days a week – these are done at your convenience with the support of recorded videos provided by our expert coaches
  5. Weekend Group Runs/Walks – we get together on various beautiful trails that we are lucky to have in the Bay area, with Coaches, Mentors and all registered trainees . The distances on the weekend runs/walks increase progressively with the program towards your target race distance
  6. Run your target race, cross the finish line with the group cheering you all the way through and enjoy the finish line party! 

Continue engaging with the Vibha Striders Alumni group to keep walking and running for life, with friends that you have now made for life!