Ashish’s Journey

Growing up, I loved sports, but running as-an-activity wasn’t one of the things I was into. So, a few years back when I ran a 10k on my own, I injured myself, and that further drove me away from running. When our family welcomed a new member, I got busier with life but, somewhere the desire to revisit running remained.

A chance conversation with a colleague – who had run a marathon – brought forth the understanding that distance-running requires planning and preparation; time and patience; teamwork and motivation. It was clear that I needed a better plan. 

Vibha Training plan was highly recommended. I signed up for the info session. The presentation was impressive on various levels to the engineer in me: The team of experienced coaches and mentors, The science of running, gait analysis, The understanding of physiology, small things like how to tie shoe-laces and many more.

But what came as a pleasant surprise was the mantra of “No-One-Left-Behind”. Vibha lives and breathes that mantra not only in running but also in the wonderful work it does in impacting lives of 2 million+ children in India through education. Through partnerships with NGOs and thousands of volunteers. Through the funds trainees like I would raise, as I go through this wonderful and transformative experience of “learning how to run”.

I signed up for the program right there. 

Throughout these 9 months, I have loved the wonderful way of achieving collective running goals – come what may, singing in the rain while running 10 milers, experienced some of the most beautiful running trails in bay area with wonderful generous co-runners who have become friends, attended house concerts. And of course ran a few half marathons along the way.

Yes, I got a great running team but I got much-much more than just that….. And so I have decided to remain signed to this cause and continue with this journey as Vibha Striders enter the 10th year of this wonderful program. 

I hope you would join us too!


Ashish Mudgil